Disability Services

The HSE provides and funds range of services for people with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities or autism and their carers. These services include basic health services as well as assessment, rehabilitation, income maintenance, community care and residential care respite, home care and day care.

Some services are provided directly by the HSE. Many of the community, residential and rehabilitative training services are provided by voluntary organisations with grant aid from the HSE.

General health services for people with a Disability
People with disabilities are entitled to general health services on the same basis as everyone else. These services may include: Medical Cards, prescribed drugs and medicines, medical and surgical aids and appliances, Hospital Services, Dental Services, Optical Services,
and Aural Services

Community care services
People with disabilities are entitled to avail of the range of community care services. In many cases, they have priority in access to the services. The relevant community care services may include: Public Health Nurses, Home Helps, Personal Assistance, Psychological Services, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work Services, Physiotherapy, Day care and Respite Care

Are you a family carer?

‘A family carer is described as someone who is providing an ongoing significant level of care to a person who is in need of care in the home due to illness or disability or frailty.’ The care that family and other carers provide involves looking after the needs of people with a wide range of dependencies across all age groups.

If you are caring for a person with a disability you can find out more about being a carer and the supports available

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