National Health and Social Care Professions Office

The National HSCP Office

The HSCP Education and Development Unit has been in existence in the National HR Directorate since 2006.

Building on this solid foundation, the National HSCP Office was established on February 1st 2017 to         

Strategically lead and support HSCPs to maximise their potential and achieve greatest impact in design, planning, management and delivery of person centred integrated care.

The remit of the office is a merger of existing functions including:                      

* Organisational leadership on education and development of HSCPs

* Supporting Continuing Professional Development

" Practice Placement Education

* Model and Support Interdisciplinary Learning

And new functions such as:

* Increase appropriate and effective representation of HSCPs at all levels in the Health and Social Care System to ensure greater impact on patient care

* Co-ordination of HSCP input to design, planning and implementation of services                                                                                                                    

* Influence and enable HSCPs to work to the highest level of competence based on education, training and scope of practice. up to and including advanced practice, to meet service needs.

* Promote and support roll out of proven examples of HSCP best practice and innovation to improve person centred care

* Working with our key stakeholders including frontline health and social care professional leaders with Professional Bodies, facilitate a unified voice for HSCPs while acknowledging and celebrating their diversity

* Be a focal point for HSCPs linking with HSE, DOH, Professional Bodies, Managers, Services, HEIs and CORU (HSCP regulator)

The HSCPs office is committed to implementation of the HSCP Education and Development Strategy 2016-2019 and implementation of additional functions with the expanded remit of the HSCP Office.

In 2018 the National HSCP Office will continue to support existing functions and prioritise work on:

* Appropriate and effective representation of HSCPs across the Health and Social Care System

* Identifying and supporting spread of prioritised examples of innovative best practice to address key challenges to integrated person centred care.  For example, the office will support design and spread of the Frailty Management Model

* Enabling Health and Social Care Professionals to work to the highest level of competence and scope of practice up to and including advanced practice, in line with international Health and Social Care Practice.  This involves identifying and supporting key priority areas where HSCP professions are already practicing at advanced level and/or are ready to test advanced practice, evaluate and share learning.

Announcing the Health and Social Care Professions Innovation Award

Identification, evaluation and promotion of innovative best practice is a key objective of the National HSCP Office in 2018

"It is important that we provide opportunities to recognise and celebrate the commitment and outstanding contribution of Health and Social Care Staff across the organisation" - Rosarii MannionNational Director HR

To recognise the enormous role Health and Social Care Professions play in delivering innovative solutions, reshaping how and where services are delivered as well as leading and driving change, we are excited to announce the first ever National Health and Social Care Professions Office Innovation and Best Practice Awards.

The awards will be presented at the National Health and Social Care Professions Best Practice and Innovation Awards Ceremony on 10th October, 2018 in Farmleigh and finalists for each awards will be invited to attend the event.  The ceremony offers an opportunity to share examples of Health and Social Care Professions adding value and improving care for patents/services users and addressing key challenges facing the health and social care services

Health and Social Care Professionals working in the HSE, Voluntary Providers. other publicly funded health and social care services and HSCP Professional Bodies are now invited to submit their applications ahead of the closing date of 25th April, 2018. Further details and application form can be accessed on the national HSCP hub on

Supporting Innovation and Best Practice

A key theme for the National HSCP Office is to identify, evaluate and replicate best practice so as to ensure that HSCP are leaders in driving the changes required to reshape how healthcare is delivered.  Identifying best practice is being undertaken in partnership with frontline staff, managers and professional bodies.

Information Sharing Sessions                                                                                                           

Throughout the year members of the National HSCP office will meet with HSCP frontline staff and managers around the country.  This will provide a valuable opportunity to hear the observations and recommendations of HSCPs, to gather information (for example, on best practice initiatives) and to share information from the National HSCP Office/

More information about the work of the National HSCP Office and support and resources is available on the HSCP Hub on or by emailing  The Health and Social Care Professions - Education and Development Strategy 2016-2019 report is available at this link

Contact details for the unit are as follows:

General Queries -email or telephone (091) 775861/775094

Jackie Reed, General Manager - email

Eileen Walsh, Senior Executive Officer - email

Frances Conneely, Senior Executive Officer email

Annette Lyons, Assistant Staff Officer - email

 Sinead Fitzpatrick HSCP Development Manager email.

 Alison Enright HSCP Development Manager email:

Nuala Flynn, Supervision Lead, email: