Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this survey being conducted?

  • The aim of this survey is to access current staff opinions in order to identify opportunities for improvement, which will help build a better health service for all.

Who is conducting the survey?

  • The survey is being conducted on behalf of the health sector by Ipsos MRBI, an independent market research/polling company.

Where have the questions come from?

  • Staff members from across the health sector have been involved in the design stage and a Research Steering Group has been established to oversee this process, working closely with Ipsos MRBI.  The survey has been designed to reflect best practice in employee research and to allow results to benchmarked.

What does the survey cover?

  • A range of themes are covered, including job satisfaction, your role, your organisation; communication; senior and local management; training and development; equality, diversity and inclusion; your health and well-being.

When is it taking place?

  • The survey is expected to go live on Monday, September 26, 2016.

How long does it take?

  • The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete (but there is no time limit, you can take as long as you wish).

What do I have to do?

  • All staff are encouraged to take part – your opinion counts!

Do I have to take part?

  • No, participation is voluntary.  However, we encourage all staff to participate and use this opportunity to have their say and help identify opportunities for improvement, which will help build a better health service for all.

Where can I get the survey?

  • The easiest way to complete the survey is to do so online.  Just go to and follow the instruction there.
  • If you have accessibility issues or would prefer to complete the survey on paper, please contact your local Survey Champion.

Will I need to provide my name or employee number?

  • No, you are not required to provide your name or employee number.

Do I have to provide any information about myself?

  • Like all staff surveys of this type, some basic details are collected anonymously during the survey, such as your gender, role, location and how long you have worked it the health sector.  This is to allow the results to be analysed in greater detail and identify how results may differ across different staff groupings.
  • All of your answers will be merged with those of other staff in the form of a statistical report.  Under no circumstances will individual responses be reported and no analysis will be conducted on groups of less than 30 respondents separately.

Who sees my results?

  • The survey is completed anonymously, with all responses and results kept confidential.
  • All completed responses are provided directly to Ipsos MRBI – no one in the health sector can see your individual results.
  • Ipsos MRBI is a member of the Market Research Society and is bound by its Code of Conduct not to identify individual respondents, which guarantees complete confidentiality.

Will I hear the results?

  • Results will be shared throughout the health sector at a national and local level.

Who can I ask if I want to know more?